Foxit Reader v7.1.0.306

Foxit Reader is a free, feature rich, fast and lightweight PDF reader.

  1. PDF Viewer – Lighting fast PDF view and print of PDF files and portfolios quickly without exhausting system resources.
  2. Easily View Multiple PDF Files – Multi-tab style document display allows users to go back and forth between different PDF documents quickly and easily.
  3. Configurable PDF Viewer – Configure document views with read mode, reverse view, and text viewer options. Configure page display with full screen, single page, continuous scrolling, split, two page facing, continuous facing, separate cover page, auto-scroll, and page transition options.
  4. Bookmark Support – Easily add, edit, and modify bookmarks in a PDF document.
  5. Multiple Views – Rotate pages between landscape and portrait. Configure zooming or adjust magnification using the marquee, loupe, and magnifier tools.
Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader


Download page:

License: Free

Version: v7.1.0.306 (09 Mar 2015)

Change Log:
New Features:
• Page Navigation in Web Browser by URL Parameters. Link to a bookmark/specific page within a web pdf in a web browser using URL parameters.
• Add Bulleted Lists in Free Text Annotations. Add bulleted lists in Typewriter/Callout/Textbox annotations to improve readability.
• PPDF (Pfile-based PDF) File Encryption (Enterprise Reader Only). Support using Microsoft IRM Protection for PDF Version 2 to encrypt PDFs and output the encrypted files in PPDF format.

Feature Improvements:
• Shared Review Enhancement. Configure the interval to check new comments during shared review and notify users by flashing the Foxit Reader icon in the taskbar if any.
• PDF Stamp Improvements. Rotate stamp annotations and provide an option to apply a stamp on multiple pages.
• Save and Share Custom Annotation Colors. Save custom colors in annotation properties and then all the annotations can share the custom colors.
• Preview Signatures and Stamps before Application. Show the preview of selected ink signatures and stamps during mouse over.
• Streamline PDF Scanning Workflow. Streamline the workflow when scanning paper to PDF.
• Extend the Usage of GPO Templates (Enterprise Reader Only). Support more settings using the GPO templates, including forbidding all auto-connecting to server, setting to hide document message bar in preferences, and more.

Issue Fixes:
• Fixed an issue where the application interface became fuzzy in higher DPI.
• Fixed an issue where users could not join the shared review of RMS protected files with Foxit Reader.
• Fixed a security issue where memory corruption may occur when converting a GIF file with an invalid value in Ubyte Size in its DataSubBlock Structure, which could lead to a controlled crash execution.


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