DBeaver v3.6.7

DBeaver is a free, multi-platform and universal database manager for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. This software tool supports many databases including but not limited to:

  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase
  • MongoDB and etc.

General features includes:

  1. Connection manager
  2. Metadata browser
  3. SQL Editor
  4. Data viewer/editor
  5. Data/metadata search
  6. Database structure compare
  7. Data transfer (export/import)
  8. ER Diagrams
  9. Query Manager
  10. Extra views
  11. Driver manager


Homepage: http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/

Download page: http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/download/

License: Free

Version: v3.6.7 (9 May 2016)

Change Log:
– PostgreSQL: function-based indexes support
– PostgreSQL: columns search added
– PostgreSQL: triggers source viewer fixed
– PostgreSQL: foreign key creation fixed (delete/update rules)
– MySQL: database dump fixed (command line parameters)
– MySQL: stored procedures editor fixed
– DB2: unisuq key creation fix
– ODBC driver fixed (Java 8 for Windows)
– Redis: pre-alpha version of Redis extension in EE version (only for testing)
– Table unique key search fixed (do not use nullable columns)
– Connection properties dialog was fixed
– ResultSet context menu redesigned
– SQL editor context menu redesigned
– CSV exporter fixed (values escape)
– Project create fixed
– Binary column encoding was fixed (hex format)
– Sound notifications support added
– Database navigator refresh error handler added
– Many minor UI bugs were fixed


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