DBeaver v4.0.3

DBeaver is a free, multi-platform and universal database manager for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. This software tool supports many databases including but not limited to:

  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase
  • MongoDB and etc.

General features includes:

  1. Connection manager
  2. Metadata browser
  3. SQL Editor
  4. Data viewer/editor
  5. Data/metadata search
  6. Database structure compare
  7. Data transfer (export/import)
  8. ER Diagrams
  9. Query Manager
  10. Extra views
  11. Driver manager


Homepage: http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/

Download page: http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/download/

License: Free

Version: v4.0.3 (19 Mar 2017)

1) DBeaver now requires Java 8.
2) Only Community Edition version was released. EE version will be released a bit later.

Change Log:
– SQL editor: context tooltips (F2) + database help system integration
– Database data transfer wizard was fixed (tables/columns mapping)
– Drivers download dialog was fixed
– Query manager view UI improved (columns sorting)
– Maven repositories switched to SSL versions
– Exasol: statements execution performance was improved
– Exasol: LUA scripts, functions
– Oracle 8 and 9i support has been improved
– Oracle: sequence manager was added (create/drop/alter)
– HSQLDB extension was added (views, procedures source, sequences)
– Hive: table data viewer/exporter fix. Array data type support.
– Hive Spark driver configuration added
– DB2 for z/OS: error message extraction config
– A lot of minor UI fixes/improvements
– All national localizations were disabled


TeraCopy v3.0.8

TeraCopy is designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. It skips bad files during the copying process, and then displays them at the end of the transfer so that you can see which ones need attention. TeraCopy can automatically check the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values. It also provides a lot more information about the files being copied than its Windows counterpart.

  • Copy files faster
  • Pause and resume file transfer activities
  • Error recovery
  • Interactive file l
  • Shell integration (can be set as the default copy handler)
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Windows 8 x64 support.


Homepage: http://www.codesector.com/teracopy

Download page: http://www.codesector.com/downloads

License: Free for non-commercial use only. A license purchase is required for commercial use.

Version: v3.0.8 (16 Mar 2017)

Change Log:
– Fixed: [UI] Cannot close TeraCopy while copying
– Fixed: [Engine] Drag and Drop from Filezilla causes “Unable to Access” error
– Fixed: [Engine] Copied files have their “Date Modified” set to the current date/time.
– Fixed: [UI] “Details” pane in teracopy.exe installation package should show exact version
– Fixed: [UI] Adding color glow/change to close and expand square buttons.
– Fixed: [Engine] Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes “Unable to Access” error
– Fixed: [Engine] TeraCopy 3.0 does not handle command line as expected
– Fixed: [Engine] Folder names with dots are handled incorrectly by TeraCopy

CCleaner v5.28.6005

CCleaner is a must have Windows application to clean your windows PC:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Free out disk spaces (delete temporary files that are not deleted automatically)
  3. Protect your privacy (delete your browsing history, cookies etc)
  4. Makes your computer run faster (cleans up unused files and settings which take up hard drive space making computer slower and slower)


Homepage: https://www.piriform.com/

Download page: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

License: Freeware

Version: v5.28.6005 (14 Mar 2017)

Change Log:
– Improved Chrome and Opera History cleaning
– Improved Firefox Session and Cache cleaning
– Updated Windows Explorer MRU cache cleaning
– Improved 64-bit build architecture on Windows 10
– Optimized Auto Update process (Professional only)
– Updated ZoneAlarm cleaning
– Minor GUI improvements
– Minor bug fixes

Notepad++ v7.3.3

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. It is also a very powerful editor that supports plugins to extend its already comprehensive built-in features and usability.

Features include:

  1. Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  2. User Defined Syntax Highlighting and Folding
  3. PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) Search/Replace
  4. GUI entirely customizable
  5. Document Map
  6. Auto-completion: Word completion, Function completion and  Function parameters hint
  7. Multi-Document (Tab interface)
  8. Multi-View
  9. WYSIWYG (Printing)
  10. Zoom in and zoom out
  11. Multi-Language environment supported
  12. Bookmark
  13. Macro recording and playback
  14. Launch with different arguments


Homepage: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Download page: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/

License: Free

Version: v7.3.3 (08 Mar 2017)

Change Log:
1. Fix CIA Hacking Notepad++ issue (https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/page_26968090.html).
2. Fix mouse wheel to task list scroll crash bug.
3. Fix flickering issue while switching back after modifying or deleting a document from outside.
4. Support Motorola S-Record, Intel and Tektronix extended hex file formats.
5. Improve multi-line tab: maintaining the selected tab position.
6. Fix add char into word char list bug.
7. Add Shift+Enter in Find dialog for searching in the opposite direction.
8. Fix a regression that delimiter settings is not retained correctely.
9. Add clear command button in shortcut mapper.
10. Enhancement: file extension supported in Load/Save Session dialog if a session file extension is set.

mRemoteNG v1.75 Hotfix 1

mRemoteNG is multi-protocol remote connections manager that allows you to view and manage all of your remote connections in a simple yet powerful tabbed interface.

mRemoteNG supports the following protocols:

  1. RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server)
  2. VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  3. ICA (Citrix Independent Computing Architecture)
  4. SSH (Secure Shell)
  5. Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork)
  6. HTTP/HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  7. rlogin
  8. Raw Socket Connections


Homepage: http://www.mremoteng.org/

Download page: http://www.mremoteng.org/download

License: Free (open source)

Version: v1.75 Hotfix 1 (06 Mar 2017)

Change Log:

General Changes:
– #437: Modify version numbering scheme

– #422: Uncaught exception when clicking in connection tree whitespace
– #312: Resolved KeePass auto-type issue
– #427: Export does not respect filtering user/password/domain

mRemoteNG v1.75

mRemoteNG is multi-protocol remote connections manager that allows you to view and manage all of your remote connections in a simple yet powerful tabbed interface.

mRemoteNG supports the following protocols:

  1. RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server)
  2. VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  3. ICA (Citrix Independent Computing Architecture)
  4. SSH (Secure Shell)
  5. Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork)
  6. HTTP/HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  7. rlogin
  8. Raw Socket Connections


Homepage: http://www.mremoteng.org/

Download page: http://www.mremoteng.org/download

License: Free (open source)

Version: v1.75 (01 Mar 2017)

Change Log:

General Changes:
– Lots of code clean up and refactoring
– Updated GeckoFx package
– Updated DockPanelSuite library to 2.10 Final
– Japanese translation updated
– MR-942: Refactored code relating to loading the connections file
– Limit log file size to 1 main log + 5 backups * 10MB.
– Minor UI Tweak: Default Menubar and QuickConnect Bar to same line
– MR-364: Removed “Announcement” functionality
– MR-366: Show PuTTY type and version on components check screen
– MR-586: Reduce HTTP/HTTPS document title length that is appended to the connection tab title
– MR-938: Adjust RDP Resolution list (ensure most common resolutions were available)
– MR-975: Replaced TreeView with TreeListView for displaying connection tree. This was a large change which separated the GUI from the domain model.
– #144: Removed export option for “VisionApp Remote Desktop 2008”
– #325: Code clean up and additional logging for External Tools based connections
– #298: Code clean up and additional logging around application startup
– #291, #236: External Tools code clean up and additional logging

– MR-961, PR-133: Option to reconnect all currently opened connection tabs
– MR-917: Improved cryptographic support
– MR-220: Don’t close the AD importer after import
– MR-971: Added Right Click method to Port Scan to import discovered hosts
– MR-1000, #211: Sub OU AD Import
– #172: Implement “audioqualitymode” for RDP sessions
– #160: Allow portable version to perform an update check (and download the latest .zip)
– #157: Implement new cryptography providers (See Tools -> Options -> Security)
– #167: fix/implement the update check (was disabled in 1.74 as part of the C# conversion)
– #273: Added Turkish translation provided by forum user “rizaemet”
– #217: Create user manual documentation for the SSH File Transfer feature
– #360: Help -> About, Version # is now selectable/copyable
– #221: RDP: Optional disconnect after X number of minutes of inactivity
– #344 – Use SHA512 File Hashes to validate downloads (in the update mechanism & posted to the Downloads page)
– Added Release Channels to the update check functionality allowing users to select one of 3 release channels for updates: Stable, Beta, Dev

– MR-910: Fixes to support Remote Desktop Gateways
– MR-874: Incorrect RDP prerequisite check in installer
– MR-905: mRemoteNG crashes at startup (in FIPS policy check)
– MR-902: mRemoteNG crashes after locking/unlocking the local system after loading a VNC connection
– MR-965, MR-871, MR-629: Error 264 on RDP Connect attempt – Added timeout value to Tools -> Options -> Connections
– MR-946: Remove old/insecure SharpSSH and related components. Replace with SSH.NET for File Transfer Functionality
– MR-896: Added prerequisite installer check for KB2574819. Prevents “Class not registered” errors when opening RDP connections.
– PR-130: Fix Scan button width to fit Russian translation
– MR-967: File transfer doesn’t work when specifying full path and file name (as prompted)
– MR-979: switched to notifications panel incorrectly (when configured NOT to do so)
– #254: Component check window position issues and uncaught exception
– #260: Crash when attempting to load fully encrypted confCons v2.5
– #271: Install package is not using the last installation path
– #278: Silent installs not detecting prerequisites
– #369: Reset Layout Option Does Not Reset Notification Pane
– #362: Invalid cast exception when using the Notification Area Icon minimize/restore
– #334: Quick Connect displays warning when clicking on a folder
– #325: When using a connection with an external app, results in opening the same external app continuously
– #311: Import from Active Directory does not use machine’s domain by default
– #258: Rename Tab dialog – populate original name in dialog (1.72 functionality)
– #211, #267: Recursive AD Import wasn’t fully functional

Foxit Reader v8.2.1.6871

Foxit Reader is a free, feature rich, fast and lightweight PDF reader.

  1. PDF Viewer – Lighting fast PDF view and print of PDF files and portfolios quickly without exhausting system resources.
  2. Easily View Multiple PDF Files – Multi-tab style document display allows users to go back and forth between different PDF documents quickly and easily.
  3. Configurable PDF Viewer – Configure document views with read mode, reverse view, and text viewer options. Configure page display with full screen, single page, continuous scrolling, split, two page facing, continuous facing, separate cover page, auto-scroll, and page transition options.
  4. Bookmark Support – Easily add, edit, and modify bookmarks in a PDF document.
  5. Multiple Views – Rotate pages between landscape and portrait. Configure zooming or adjust magnification using the marquee, loupe, and magnifier tools.
Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader

Homepage: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/

Download page: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/

License: Free

Version: v8.2.1.6871 (02 Mar 2017)

Change Log:
– Provides users with more options on whether to overwrite an existing file when creating PDF files, such as a prompt to rename the PDF file, which improves PDF creation workflow.
– Some other user-friendly enhancements.
– Fixed some security and stability issues.