Haozip v5.9.3.10771

Haozip is a free archiver from the Chinese studio 2345.com and adapted for English speaking users.

Features include:

  1. Support over 50 archive formats including popular compression algorithms such as Zip, 7z, Rar, Tar and others.
  2. Is free – that is free distribution for both personal and commercial use and does not contain any advertising.
  3. Additional tools – the kit includes tools such Virtual CD, MD5 Checksum Tool, Batch Rename Files, Batch Replace String Tool.
  4. Faster extraction and archiving – the program is based on unique compression and extraction algorithms, which contributes to faster job.


HaoZip - Archive Options

HaoZip – Archive Options

Homepage: http://haozip.ru/en/index.html

Download page: http://haozip.ru/en/index.html

License: Free

Version: v5.9.3.10771 (09 Apr 2017)

Change Log:
NB: Translated from http://haozip.2345.com/update.htm using online translator and manual editing, thus there may be inaccuracy in the translation.
– Fixed in some conditions cannot use the compressed package to see the preview problem.
– Fixed the BUG on the taskbar when maximizing on the secondary screen.
– Fixed the RAR package crash bug for the comment annotation operation during the conversion process
– Improved compatibility and stability in different system environments.


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