NetSetMan v4.5.0

NetSetMan is an advanced network settings manager software which can easily switch between your preconfigured profiles.

The customizable parameters includes
1) IP & Gateway
2) DNS Server
3) WINS Server
4) WiFi
5) Printer
6) Computer Name
7) Workgroup
8) Connection
9) System
10) SMTP
11) Net Drive
12) Hosts
13) Script/Program and
14) IPv6


Furthermore, system settings can also be configured and includes many options that can be configured as shown in the screenshot below.

NetSetMan - System Settings

NetSetMan – System Settings


Download page:

License: Freeware for non-commercial use and limited to 6 profiles.

Version: v4.5.0 (15 Aug 2017)
– NEW Tool: Network Scanner
↳ Scan networks by IP range (IPv4 & IPv6), subnet (CIDR), ARP & NDP cache
↳ Get details like name, MAC, domain/workgroup, OS, network shares, etc.
↳ Multithreading for scanning large numbers of IPs simultaneously
↳ Highly compatible and flexible by using new and old protocols
↳ Copy details, open targets, export results, send Wake-On-LAN
↳ Favorites list for customizing frequently used targets
↳ Detailed information of network printers (shared or directly connected)
↳ Real-time search filter for all results
↳ Further details:
– Fix: Some setup parameters have been ignored
– Fix: Minimizing application didn’t save profile changes
– Fix: Pressing ENTER in IP fields resulted in an error message
– Fix: High-DPI problems (query dialogs, AutoSwitch menu items click area)
– Fix: Firefox Proxy is now also available for user-specific installations
– Fix: Autorun in Preferences dialog not showing its state correctly
– Fix: Multiple memory leaks
– Tool “Adapters Details” is now sorted by type and name
– Lots of minor fixes and adjustments


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